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First aid

One in fifty people will have a seizure during their lifetime. There is a good chance that knowledge of how to help someone that is experiencing a seizure will come in very handy.

Most types of seizures can be classified into two main groups, generalized seizures and focal seizures.

Generalised seizures mean that dysfunctional electrical activity is spread across the whole brain and the person is unaware that they are occurring. Types of seizures include tonic clonic and absence seizures.

Focal seizures are characterized by dysfunctional electrical activity in just one area of the brain. The person may be completely conscious during the seizure, or temporarily unaware. Body movement, speech or senses may be affected depending on what area of the brain the focal point of the seizure is from.

It is important to remember that all seizure activity can be potentially damaging to the brain even when types of seizures can look very different. Our downloadable seizure poster guide is an excellent resource for managing seizures in three main steps.

CLICK HERE to download the Seizure First Aid Poster