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30 minutes with Kayla Zonneveld

What is the title of your role?

I am a skilled volunteer working with the communications team at Epilepsy Queensland to assist on projects and tasks involving social media, the website, content and design creation as well as the Purple Day event.

Where do you currently volunteer & how long have you been volunteering there?

I volunteer at Epilepsy Queensland and have been doing so for almost six months.

Where else have you worked, studied or volunteered in your life? 

I have completed a bachelor degree in 2017, majoring in visual communication (graphic design), at Griffith University. These skills learnt throughout this degree have allowed me to work on projects with the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Brisbane Festival and Griffith University.

Currently, whist also volunteering I am completing my Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. This with the combine skills I have learnt at my time with Epilepsy Queensland, has enhanced my knowledge of both the communications and not for profit sector. In addition, I work on a casual basis at Priceline Pharmacy, where I have developed my customer service skills and work within an amazing team.  

What do you love about volunteering/ favourite thing you have done so far?

I enjoy being able to assist an organisation that is helping to spread awareness about epilepsy and its challenges. The organisation itself does amazing work, providing the resources and services needed to spread awareness, and improve the wellbeing of many individuals and their families. I have enjoyed being a part of assisting to make those things happen.

My favourite task that I have worked on so far, was to write an individual’s “My Epilepsy Story” in Flame Magazine. The project was very insightful, learning about the obstacles that this person had overcame and the amazing achievements he had accomplished. The motivation and determination was very inspiring. It also highlighted that everyone’s experience with epilepsy is different, which makes these stories important to share. It reminds people going through a similar experience that they are not alone, which is extremely important.   

Why do you think it is important to volunteer? 

I believe it is important as the not for profit sector helps so many people, providing exceptional support, services and research breakthroughs. They are the organisations that share the essential information that can be vital in improving the wellbeing and lifestyles of so many. I believe it is important to give back whether that be through a small donation, or giving time as a volunteer.  We,  our family or friends will all need assistance at some point in our lives that these amazing organisations provide.

Where would you most like to travel?

I have travelled to various locations throughout Australia however, I have not had the opportunity yet to travel overseas. The photo is from a trip to Perth which I loved. One of the many places I would like to travel to is Japan.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is pasta, but I am also a bit of a sweet tooth.

Describe your most embarrassing moment?

Well I have too many of those so I will tell you the most recent. The other week I was walking to a friend’s birthday in the city. After catching the train into central station, we were walking down the stairs and I completely lost all footing, grab onto the railing, grazed my knee which ended up bleeding and almost face planted. There was plenty of people around to witness this highly amusing yet embarrassing moment. On the positive side I probably made their night and they will now have a story to share.

What is your favourite book/author? 

My studies at the moment require me partake in a lot of readings, therefore I have not been able to find the time to sit down to read a good book.

What genres of music do you like listening to/favourite song?

I enjoy a range of music genres. Throughout most of my schooling life I played the violin and clarinet and I can understand and write music. I believe it was this knowledge that made me a bit picky as to which songs I did and did not enjoy.

Do you have any interesting hobbies you would like to tell us about?

Aside from working, volunteering and studying I enjoying creating design work, listening to music, cooking and catching up with friends. I believe it is imperative to take time out from work life to take part in hobbies that you enjoy.  

What do you feel would greatly improve epilepsy care currently in Queensland?

I believe that improving the reach of educational information would improve the quality care Epilepsy Queensland provides. The services and resources are fantastic, however, with more people sharing their post on social media and further campaign material, I believe that Epilepsy Queensland can raise public awareness to reduce misunderstanding of epilepsy, improve wellbeing and help people feel they are not alone. In addition, I believe that teachers in all schools should complete the training that Epilepsy Queensland provides, in how to assist children with epilepsy or seizures. Seizures present in many different ways that may not be as recognizable and might be mistaken for the children not paying attention or other conditions. Teachers are so vital in their work with children and families supporting them and making them feel safe and comfortable at school.  

If you would like to join our wonderful team and volunteer your time visit our website or contact us on 07 3435 5000.