Our strategic priorities

Epilepsy Queensland has three key strategic priorities.


  1.   Empower individuals and families
  2.   Enhance community engagement and advocacy
  3.   Ensure sustainability

Empower individuals and families

Epilepsy Queensland assists the broadest spectrum of people living with epilepsy and their support networks throughout Queensland through information, education
support, awareness and advocacy.

Enhance our community engagement and advocacy

Epilepsy Queensland increases awareness and understanding of epilepsy in the wider community. Epilepsy occurs in one in 50 people, yet there are misconceptions that can deny opportunities in many aspects of life such as employment, education, recreation and relationships. Epilepsy has an impact on the whole family.

Ensure sustainability 

Epilepsy Queensland is committed to meeting the needs of people with epilepsy today while taking into account the needs of future generations. We invest time and planning in thinking long term and managing day-to-day operations.