Our Vision and Impact

We are the beacon of hope for people living with, and impacted by epilepsy in Queensland

We envision

  • An individual understood and supported to live life well
  • A community aware, removing barriers and in search of a cure
  • An organisation financially strong, ready to deliver and measure impact

Our values

We are Brave – we recognise that people living with and impacted by epilepsy demonstrate tremendous bravery everyday. We must be brave in our approach to all activities in pursuit of our vision.


We are Agile – we evaluate and respond to change, over rigidly following a plan. We work collaboratively with the people we serve and other stakeholders to iterate and drive more meaningful impact for our work.


We are Transparent – We inspire hope in our community through evidence based support and actively engaging in, and supporting, research to live well. We openly share our knowledge and the cost of our impact.