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As a young man, never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated that epilepsy would come into my life and with such significant impact. This year Epilepsy Queensland celebrates 50 years of service to the Queensland community, I’m privileged and humbled to have been Patron of this worthy organisation for over a decade.
With football I always knew the field of play and the tactics required to win a game, but this was something I just wasn’t prepared for. I had a public face, and then there was also my deeply private challenges with epilepsy. It took over my life and I had largely become a hermit. 
It was a really confusing time for me and my family, just as it is for anyone at the time of diagnosis. I was living in the shadows, not knowing when the next seizure would come, with the burden of stigma weighing heavily.
This is something every individual in our epilepsy community would or will face. I have a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to have surgery that has allowed me to enjoy my life. However, I’ll never forget the confusion, fear and uncertainty that came with epilepsy. At such times, it’s vital for people with epilepsy and their families to have the services of Epilepsy Queensland available where they can find information, support and hope.
We have seen such advances in medications and surgery over the last 50 years and my hope is that one day all people will have control over their seizures. In the meantime, it is my aim to help ensure the team at Epilepsy Queensland is there to provide support and information to everyone who needs it. But I can’t do that without your help.
Your support will fund our education, awareness programs and support services. It will ensure the organisation will be in a strong position for future Queenslanders of all ages and backgrounds. It’s important that no one who is facing the big “E”, feels alone, that they are surrounded by compassionate professionals who can make a difference and can understand the challenges.
This is a cause close to my heart. Please make a donation to our 50th anniversary campaign. We need Epilepsy Queensland to be around for another 50 years, so there is help today, tomorrow and well into the future.
Wally Lewis
Patron, Epilepsy Queensland