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Epilepsy Queensland can help you get NDIS-ready in five easy steps

Check your eligibility
Check out the NDIS Access Checklist to identify if you meet the access requirements to become a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  This can be found at:  You can submit an access request from 6months before the NDIS is rolled out in your area.  For the rollout plan, visit: 
Think about your needs, strengths, barriers and goals
Think about what you need in your life, to enhance your independence and safety.  What will it take for you/your loved one to be able to better access mainstream and community services?   Or enhance your quality of life?
Start planning
EQI staff work closely with people with epilepsy and their supporters, to prepare for their first NDIS plan. This includes talking about what the NDIS may mean for their unique circumstances in plain language, removing all the jargon and complexities. 
The pre-planning process is extremely important, as feedback from people in the trial sites have found that they are able to engage more effectively with the NDIA if they have spent time doing pre-planning before their meeting with the NDIA Planner. 
EQI have a workbook that can guide you through this pre-planning process, and you can choose to do this on your own or with the help of an EQI team member. 
By completing this pre-planning work, you will be more prepared, knowledgeable and confident for when you do meet with the NDIA Planner.

Take your plan to the NDIA
Once the NDIS rolls out in your area, take your work to your NDIA interview.  EQI team members can also work with you to run through what other reports or evidence you may need to submit to inform your planning meeting. 
Review your plan
Your NDIS Plan will usually be reviewed every 12 months.  However, It is important to review your plan when necessary to make sure you are getting the right supports as your life and circumstances change. 
For help to get ready for the NDIS contact Epilepsy Queensland on 07 3435 5000, 1300 852 853 or