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Brisbane Adult Support Group

The Brisbane Adult Support Group gives people touched by epilepsy the chance to talk with others who have or have had similar experiences

Please note: COVID-19 restrictions have eased and the Brisbane Adult Support Group are now able to meet again socially in person! You can also continue to access the Facebook Group.

Through attending the group, participants become invaluable supports to each other, building on their social network and often sharing information and experiences about the range of services in their local area.

An epilepsy support group can help you:

  • learn more about epilepsy
  • realise you are not alone
  • become informed about treatment options and side effects
  • spend time with others who share similar experiences
  • share ideas and coping strategies

ZOOM meetups – our monthly Zoom meetings (3rd Saturday of each month at 1.00pm.

Venue is subject to change. Please contact is Cassandra D’Arcy – Cassandra D’Arcy M: 0429 163 550 for more information.


2nd Oct 2021
1pm - 3pm
No cost to attend but food and drinks are at own expense
Upcoming Event Dates
6th Nov 2021
1pm - 3pm