Seizure Smart September

One in 10 people will have a seizure during their lifetime. With this in mind, our aim is for one person in every household to know seizure first aid. During the month of September, we will be sharing tips and stories about seizure first aid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Linked In.

How you can get involved

Seizure Smart September Awareness Campaign

Be a digital ambassador and share your own story on social media or Epilepsy Queensland’s seizure first aid education and awareness posts. Contact us on and we will guide you. Write or make a video of your own story and share on social media or we will send you some questions and put it together. Through people allowing us to share their stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our website and member magazine we are helping others to know they are not alone or isolated in their experiences with epilepsy and seizures.

Epilepsy Queensland have a range of resources available for work, home or school. Download them or order online Seizure First Aid Resources.

Awareness tokens

During September selected pharmacies, schools and other retailers will be helping to promote seizure first aid awareness and raise funds for our seizure first aid education, training and awareness programs. Seizures are not rare and broader community understanding of basic seizure first aid could save lives.

Anyone can get involved by stocking our Seizure Smart September $2 tokens and displaying seizure first aid educational posters. The token contains basic seizure first aid information, so people who purchase them can either take them home or the retailer or school can display them to show their support. Sign up via our form or order below.


1 in 10 Heroes

Are you or someone you love impacted by seizures? Join our 1 in 10 challenge and do one thing related to the number 10 every day for 10 days. It could be 10 push-ups, a 10-minute run, read or meditate for 10 minutes, walk or ride 10 kilometres or your own personal 1 in 10 challenge. The challenge starts at the conclusion of Seizure Smart September between 1/10/20 and 10/10/20. Share your story to raise funds and awareness of seizure first aid. Register your interest below or sign up.


Soar with iFLY

A group of nine iFLY for epilepsy challengers raised collectively over $11,000 to soar like birds at iFLY Brisbane, Chermside on 5 September.

iFLY are proud to empower people to soar beyond their own expectations and make it possible for every person in the world, of all abilities, to fly.

Registration is now closed for this event but to express your interest in Epilepsy Queensland’s next iFLY for epilepsy, please register below.


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Seizure Smart September runs for the whole month of September