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The Great Elders Cattle Muster

Epilepsy Queensland will “bring epilepsy out of the bush” by establishing a service on the ground in Regional Queensland with the funds raised by the Great Elders Cattle Muster.
The local service will ensure that people in the bush receive current epilepsy information, education, and awareness opportunities.
This program will also specifically help young people with epilepsy to take charge. The community worker will work with adolescents and young adults with epilepsy to socially connect with their peers, to engage with their community, to plan and achieve their learning and vocational goals, and to manage their epilepsy to the best possible extent. 
Young people in the bush are doubly disadvantaged with epilepsy and living remotely.  Adolescence is a challenging time even without epilepsy.  Teens with epilepsy suffer stress from seizures, the effects of medication and epilepsy on learning, memory and cognition, feelings of being different and stigmatized, social isolation, anxiety, depression, and limitations of leisure activities and vocational opportunities.  With the right resources, we can have a positive impact on their lives and develop a program that will eventually be rolled out in other remote areas.
The program can be scaled up or down depending on funds raised.
Find out more about the event here.