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My epilepsy story - A cup of tea with Rosemary

When people come to visit Rosemary Borg they are encouraged to donate when they have a cup of tea, not to cover the cost of the tea but to support Epilepsy Queensland.
“I believe all donations made to Epilepsy Queensland both big and small are put to good use. I have an Epilepsy Queensland donation tin on my dining room table and I encourage everyone who comes to visit to have a chat, a cuppa and donate.”
Rosemary, 62, was initially diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 28. After further investigation she was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s encephalitis, also known as chronic focal encephalitis (CFE), a rare inflammatory neurological disease, characterized by frequent and severe seizures, loss of motor skills and speech.
In 2002 Rosemary had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) surgically inserted at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. She has found this a great help but continues on a complex regime of medications. Rosemary has a port-a-cath (a central access port for timely administration of  intravenous drugs). Every four weeks Rosemary is administered a drug to support her immune system.
She has required a wheelchair at times throughout her life following status events, but this has not stopped Rosemary.
“I manage to enjoy my life and to have a social life despite my disability. I am currently experiencing a good period in my life because I am not experiencing such severe seizure activity."
“I have been involved in Purple Day and the Epilepsy Brisbane Adult Support Group since they started. I enjoy being involved in activities with other people living with epilepsy. We can discuss matters only other people with epilepsy can relate to.”
“I would describe the Adult Support Group as becoming like extended family to me and I would recommend people join a support group if they have the opportunity.”
Rosemary transitioned to the National Disability Support Scheme (NDIS) in July 2017 and has found it a very positive experience. Epilepsy Queensland is one of Rosemary’s care providers and she has found dealing with Leonie Hogarth, Services Development Officer at Epilepsy Queensland encouraging.
“Leonie is a very approachable, helpful person. We can ring or make an appointment and come into Epilepsy Queensland and talk with staff about any matter regarding my epilepsy.”
If you would like more information on Epilepsy and the NDIS contact Leonie Hogarth on or 1300 852 853.