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NDIS – Helpful Hints…

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to roll out across the state, Epilepsy Queensland want to ensure that eligible people living with epilepsy and their families/carers receive the necessary supports and services to meet their needs and enhance their quality of life.  
To help this, we will be posting regular hints and tips to help people navigate the NDIS. 
Access and Eligibility Stage:
  • If you have been receiving funded services in the past, it is a good idea to contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on 1800 800 110 to clarify what supporting evidence you may need to submit.  This phone call may just save you a lot of time and appointments, if the NDIA have the information they need for your access and eligibility. 
  • If you have been sent the Access Request Form for a health professional to complete – please ensure that they complete this with a focus on the IMPACT that epilepsy / (other conditions) have on your life; rather than purely confirming diagnosis.  This is important evidence for the NDIA to consider your application. EQI have a Checklist document to support the health professionals to complete this form – contact us for a copy.  
Preparing for your NDIS Meeting:
  • The supports you will receive from the NDIS, are driven by your goals.  Generally this is two goals for the 12 months (length of your first NDIS plan), and a few longer term goals.  It is important to keep these goals quite broad – so you have greater flexibility in how you achieve your goal and you can seek to identify various elements of support required to meet that goal.  For example, rather than ‘to continue with horse riding’ – the goal may be something like ‘to be more active in my community, explore interests, become involved in social activities and make long term friends.’
  • You can bring in anybody to the NDIS planning meeting – so think about who is a good support/advocate of your/ your loved ones needs.  
Implementing your plan: 
  • Some people may find it helpful to have a separate bank account for any NDIS funding they receive as part of their funding arrangements.  This enables greater management and transparency of the funding.  Check with different banks, who may be able to offer no-fee accounts.  
Epilepsy Queensland is here to help you every step of you NDIS journey.  We have many targeted resources available to assist you, and can help you prepare for your NDIS meeting.  We are happy to work alongside any other providers you may have in your life, so that this is a coordinated and seamless process for you/your loved ones.  
If you have any tips and hints to share with others or any questions you would like us to cover, please contact Leonie Hogarth on 3435 5000 or and these can be included in the next edition.