Education and Training

Epilepsy Queensland is Queensland's leading provider of epilepsy education and training. We provide education for people living with epilepsy, and their families and carers as well as comprehensive and tailored training for educators, disability and aged care support workers, workplaces and all other settings where enhanced confidence and knowledge around epilepsy and its management helps someone to live well.

Newly diagnosed or looking for support to live well with epilepsy?

If you are newly diagnosed (or immediate family of someone who is) and looking to understand your diagnosis then we have you covered.  Our 50 years of experience in supporting people to live well has been packaged into our Understanding and Managing Epilepsy workshop.

We currently offer this monthly in our Brisbane office and also via zoom for those not in Brisbane.  Our expert team of educators will share our expertise and help reduce fear, give confidence in identifying and responding to seizures and support you and your family to live well with your diagnosis.

Do you care for someone with epilepsy as part of your work?

If you are a support worker, educator, nurse, or other professional who has someone living with epilepsy in your care then this is the training for you.  Tailored to the care setting, this version of the Understanding and Managing Epilepsy training draws on our experience of building capability in organisations to help others to live well.

You can choose between self-directed on-line learning, participate with your peers from across Brisbane in our monthly public training or for groups of 10 or more contact our Living Well team on 1300 852 853 or  to customise learning for your workplace either at our place or yours, or via Zoom.

Why Epilepsy Queensland training?

Epilepsy Queensland (EQ) is the beacon of hope for people living with epilepsy throughout Queensland and we have been the consumer peak body for more than 50 years.  We have been an epilepsy training provider of choice in Queensland and Northern NSW for more than 15 years.  Through our information, support and advocacy services, we understand the challenges faced by people living with epilepsy and how to support our members to live well.

By choosing us you will receive evidence-based, best practice training, delivered by qualified and experienced Epilepsy Educators. Content is developed by subject matter experts based on the latest contemporary evidence and continuously improved through your feedback as well as clinical and peer review.

“Best course I ever did! I feel so much more confident since completing it. It was nice to feel educated and in control. So proud of myself and Mitch. We feel more prepared for the future in case anything unexpected happened to me, someone we know or a stranger.” – Samantha

“I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone. I found it highly informative and gave me a greater understanding of epilepsy.” – Weeroona Gympie team member

To learn more, please contact our Living Well team on 1300 852 853 or email