Online Learning Modules

Our NEW, convenient pre-recorded training option, suitable for disability support workers, child care workers, teachers, nurses, allied health professionals, people with epilepsy and their families, carers and volunteers.

Course information

Sometimes it can be difficult to access training offsite, or perhaps there are not enough participants to hold a course at your school or workplace. Epilepsy Queensland’s online learning modules are a convenient solution offering you flexibility around time and space. This training can be accessed from most digital platforms but it is suggested where possible that you use external speakers or quality earphones to listen to the presentations.

They are pre-recorded with 2 separate courses:

Course 1: Understanding Epilepsy

Approx 2 hrs duration ($50 per person, includes 2 modules below)

  • Epilepsy & Seizures
  • Treatment, Triggers & Impacts


Course 2 Understanding Epilepsy & Administration of Midazolam

Approx 3 hrs duration ($75 per person, includes 3 modules below)

  • Epilepsy & Seizures
  • Treatment, Triggers & Impacts
  • Administration of Midazolam

At the end of each module, the participant will need to complete a short quiz. Once the entire course is successfully completed, a certificate can be downloaded and printed.

Enrol at the button below- please note you will need to click “Create Account” and fill in those details for access to the training platform.

Participants will need to create their own account to access the site and then pay upfront (online) before being able to access the course. If an organisation wishes to purchase multiple courses for different people, contact us on 1300 852 853 and we will issue an invoice. Upon payment, we will provide you with an access code for each participant.