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Vale Trent Long

Trent Erik Carlson Long will always be fondly remembered as a long-time volunteer and supporter of Epilepsy Queensland, a committed friend, son, brother, uncle and colleague. Trent had lived with epilepsy for many years but sadly passed away just before Christmas in 2018.

As a long-serving volunteer at Epilepsy Queensland, Trent took charge of the Wednesday volunteer crew, who helped him organise our mail outs including Flame, Little Poss Club newsletters and Livewires. Trent was a supportive and calm leader. He was able to take the stress of looming deadlines and technical problems out of the room with his good nature and through leading by example. His sense of humour and dry wit is missed.
His natural technical prowess was a big hand with office equipment. He had a knack with our ancient folding machine that no-one else had. Trent had a generosity of spirit and a genuine concern for his colleagues. He always spoke fondly of the volunteers he shared his time with and was the first to check up on anyone who was struggling with any aspect of their epilepsy, or anything else in their life. He supported his team with friendship and a listening ear.  
Trent was reliable and a man of action, rather than words. If a job was not done, then he would volunteer to come back the next day to finish it off. He was modest about his achievements and preferred to take a back seat, especially in photos.
Trent showed a lot of patience and concentration coordinating the packing and counting of thousands of stuffed toys, badges, pens and all things purple, as they were prepared for distribution across the State for each Purple Day and Little Poss Appeal. Any merchandise that came back unsold, would then have to be counted again and packed away.
Trent’s pride shone through on our Purple day walks held at Southbank. Without fail he was there to lend a hand and proudly held the banner and led the awareness walk.

Trent’s dedication as a volunteer was recognised in 2011 when he won the Pam Wellings Memorial Award. Pam Wellings was the wife of John Wellings, a past President of Epilepsy Queensland. This award is dedicated each year to a volunteer or supporter of Epilepsy Queensland.
On a personal note, Trent loved to cruise in his dad’s boat and when mechanical things went wrong, he was able to fix the issue. He was a gentle soul who loved his family and children. He always treated everyone with respect and kindness. The loss leaves a large hole in the hearts of all who know our tender Trent.